Zero Trust and AI

Where AI stand in Zero Trust Security?

Is AI an advantage for Zero Trust Security or a disadvantage?


Why VPN is not secure?

What is the main advantages of ZTNA

What is Remote Browser Isolation

What is Remote Desktop Isolation

Do you hesitate to click suspicious links? Don't hesitate, click it in our world.

Split Web Traffic

How to split your web traffic with our ZTNA solution

We will send some of our client web traffic over our ZTNA to the internet

A new VPN over QUIC protocol with Rust

QUIC protocol benefits for VPN

A new free open source business VPN for everyone

What is Zero Trust Network Access?

A new security framework against traditional trusted models.

Difference between VPN and ZTNA

OpenVPN Alternative

Open source alternative to OpenVPN that is designed with Zero Trust Principles

A new free open source business VPN for everyone

What is Applications Network

Is zero trust network means applications network?

Creating a network of applications, not computers are an interesting solution

Dns Log Analysis In A Zero Trust Network

How dns log is different in a zero trust network

What is the difference from a classic network

Ip Intelligence

What is ip intelligence in zero trust architecture.

It's role and benefits for zero trust access

Zero Trust Access - Micro-Segmentation

What is micro-segmentation in zero trust access (ZTA)

A real example of zero trust micro-segmentation

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) vs VPN

What makes different ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) from traditional VPN (Virtual Private Network)

What is the purpose of Zero Trust Network Access

New Network OSI Model For Zero Trust Security

FerrumGate implements its zero trust networks by adding a new layer to network OSI layer

Adding a new layer, changes so many things for next generation cybersecurity...

Zero Trust Architecture

Zero Trust is the term for evolving cybersecurity paradigms

Zero Trust assumes there is no implicit trust...

Forget Private Network, DMZ, VLAN, Classic Firewall

A new design for zero trust

FerrumGate implements a Zero Trust Model...