A New OSI Model For Zero Trust Security

Feb 06 2023

new network osi model for zero trust 8 Layer New Network OSI Model

How FerrumGate Implements A Zero Trust Model

When we started to implement a zero trust security model, we looked at classic network OSI model, and imagined a new layer between Datalink and Network. Later we called it Zero Trust Layer We believe this layer will be prime for cybersecurity

Fields Of New Layer

In this layer, we wanted to put new fields for a better cybersecurity. Of course first field is Identity id. As you know zero trust depends on identity. And the other fields Device Posture related fields like OS name, OS version, Web Browser version etc..., and Location, 2FA is used and also so many fields for a better cybersecurity

Effects of New Layer

tcpdump output of zero trust layer Sample tcpdump output

Of cource, we are not modifying `OSI Network Stack`. But when we need this layer data fields, we can easily reach these fields from applications or kernel.

Zero Trust Firewall

In FerrumGate Zero Trust virtual networks, every network packet is under control. You can easily write any policy using below fields. We can call it NNNext generation firewall.

  • Identity id(User id)

  • Group id

  • MFA

  • Location

  • OS Type

  • Browser Version

  • etc...