Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)

Nov 6 2023

what is remote browser isolation

What is Remote Browser Isolation?

Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) is a cyber security technique that is designed to protect endpoints like laptops, and mobile devices from web-based threats. It's designed to open browsers in remote isolated systems, typically on remote servers in docker containers, instead of the client's local device, In this way all web-based threats are handled in remote computers, not in the local client host.

How it works

You can easily check it out on our solution (

  • User interaction

    When a user wants to click a link, which is suspicious.

  • Remote Execution

    This link is transferred to a remote server. And server creates an isolated environment opens that link in a browser and streams the browser screen to the client.

  • Interaction

    When the user clicks on the browser screen or type keyboard, all actions transfer to the remote browser. The user only sees the result of the action.

  • Security

    The execution of the browser is on a remote system-only screen and audio output is on the client screen, in this way, harmful execution and content can not reach the client's device. Everything happens on a remote isolated environment, after closing the remote environment, everything disposed.


  • Isolation of Threats

    Suspicious links can be opened remotely, in an isolated remote environment.

  • Simplified Endpoint Security

    By offloading web browsing to a remote environment, there's less demand for endpoint security. With FerrumGate agentless clients, there is no need for endpoint security.