Zero Trust and AI

Feb 24 2023

zero trust security and ai

Do you know who's is this?

Of course, it is AI. Today's buzzword is AI. Everyone everywhere is talking about AI. I will not give a definition or something like that. You already know that. It is one of the most famous characters in this world. Above image is also created by AI.

But the most important question is. Is it a gift or a curse for humanity? I think we will see in a few decades. I assure you that you will get the answer to this question when you are alive.

AI and Cybersecurity

Let's look at the AI from the cybersecurity perspective. Let's talk about, how it can be used in attacks and defense. Let's deep dive into it.

Let's ask some questions

  • Vulnerabilities

    Could AI detect vulnerabilities in our codes and their dependencies?

  • Algorithms

    Could AI determine the strengths and weaknesses of our algorithms? Could AI find a way to crack RSA keys with legacy CPUs?

  • Monitoring

    Could AI watch all logs of the system and follow it continuously?

  • Pattern Detection

    Could AI detect patterns from structured data?

  • Alert

    Could AI create alerts and emergencies from all activities in the system?

  • Dynamic

    Could AI create dynamic policy rules on the fly?

  • Development

    Could AI develop new codes?

  • Authentication

    Could AI recognize a user?

  • Behavior

    Could AI create patterns from user behaviors?

As you see, there are many questions like the above. You can also add new questions.

Pros and Cons?

As you see, AI is coming with pros and cons, positives and negatives. Mattermost, for humanity this is the next big step to evolve, but for cybersecurity, I think this will be a revolution. I don't know which side will win. Also, we will see this by and by.

Zero Trust Security?

From the perspective of the Zero Trust Security model, it will help us apply ZT principles. It will monitor all systems continuously. It will always verify activity in the whole system, it will be able to create dynamic rules, make behavioral analysis, and so on.