Ip Intelligence

Mar 3 2023

ip intelligence role in zero trust access

What is Ip Intelligence?

As everybody knows, the network depends on the Ip. The internet lives on IPs. If you are getting data from somewhere, you have an IP. When you click on an image on Instagram, or play a video from Youtube, you have an IP. On the internet, your identity starts with your IP

Knowing more about an Ip, opens new opportunities for security.

What can we learn from an Ip?

Let's look at, what tells an Ip to us

  • Country? Yes absolutely, an ip belongs to a country
  • Is VPN Ip? All VPN providers use ip blocks.
  • Is Tor Ip A privacy network. Knowing relay ips is important.
  • Is Hosting Ip All hosting providers, like AWS, Azure, Google etc. use some ip blocks
  • Is Crawler Ip Internet crawlers use lots of ip blocks for getting data from the internet.

How we can use this information?

  • Country You may want to block or allow some countries.
  • VPN Ip Blocking VPN ips is a good strategy
  • Tor Ip Block Tor ips.
  • Hosting Ip An attacker may open a custom VPN service, and use it.
  • Crawler Ip You may block them.


  • Minimizes attack source
  • Custom policy management
  • More control

FerrumGate implementation

With FerrumGate implementation, you can create custom authentication policies that you can select countries, create ip whitelist,ip blacklist, block vpn, tor, etc... ips.

We are supporting some ip intelligence providers.

If you want other providers, just send us email, contact over [community](https://community.ferrumgate.com){:target="_blank"} or contact over discord community.