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We have clients for creating secure channels.

OS Package Detail
Windows msi Win7 and above
Debian based deb any x64 based Ubuntu 18 and above
RPM based rpm any x64 based CentOS, RHEL etc
Linux based zip any x64 linux
Darwin (Mac) dmg x64 and arm64, Lion and above

Please download appropriate for your os from github


Linux and MacOS clients runs with sudo. There is no running service for these clients. After closing everything will be closed.

On Windows there is a running service, named FerrumGate with SYSTEM privileges. This service manages all tunnels, and interfaces.


After start, program will be on traybar, click on it, you will see a window, click Options menu,


Client Menu

after that enter your web server hostname or ip address with starting http or https , just save it.


Client Options

and click connect button from menu,


After connecting, click status button, in the opened window, you will see connected networks


Client Status

As you see, we successfully connected to dev network. So we can reach services allowed to us.


Let's Encrypt

Let's encrypt certificates verification fails. Please disable client ssl verify, until we fix this.


On MacOS if program does not start, on terminal

 xattr -rc /Applications/


Client is electronjs based client, and checks updates from Windows asks about reaching this site. Don't worry, it is registered by Google

Fedora Gnome Traybar fix

On Fedora gnome traybar icons not supported default,

You need to install traybar gnome extensions.

  • Install Tray Icons:Reloaded

Tray Icons:Reloaded

  • Edit Settings of Extension

settings of extension


  • Install AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem

settings of extension

  • Edit Settings of Extension

settings of extension