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Users and groups in the system


Users registered or saved after succesfull authentication through some auth sources.

User Login Methods

Default action is, every user has username and password and we have 3 login methods, password, apiKey, certificate.

  1. Password: Every user has username and password if not entered random username and passwords generates
  2. ApiKey: You can create ApiKey for API calling.
  3. Certificate: You can create an certificate for login. This is usefull especially for IOT devices and applications. You need to select an [Intermedia Authentication] (./settings/ certificate for signing.

User Roles

Roles are static, You cannot edit or delete, you can just assign. There are 4 types of roles. They are ordered as descending.

  1. Admin: All
  2. DevOps: Only limited API call (Create user)
  3. Reporter: Dashboard, Summary for all users
  4. User: Does have nothing, only user related stuff


Create groups as you need. They are so useful for policy management


We support 2FA with Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) by qr codes.

For activating and using, you need to install one of the apps below

  1. Google Authenticator

  2. Microsoft Authenticator

  3. Authy

  4. ...

After enable 2FA, you will see qr code,

capture it with installed program and type password for verify


You can invite your teammates to join your networks. Enter emails by spaces or newline or just , character