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Networks and Gateways Settings


In FerrumGate, network is virtual. You can think a few resources (redis,prod mysql, prod k8s) which are called as service, creates a virtual network. You can create as much networks as you want.

Network Definition

Network Definition


  • Client ip range

    When clients creates tunnels to this network, they will get ip from this CIDR.

  • Service ip range

    This is virtual network IP CIDR. All services will get ip from this range

  • Tunnel Server

    Tunnel server ip and port (UDP/TCP). This is the endpoint for gateway. Client will reach joined gateways through this endpoint.


Gateway is a door (tunnel server) that listens on a $PORT, and opens the door to virtual networks. When a gateway is seen on a cluster, it will wait to join a Network. Each gateway binds to a FerrumGate Network. If you want to activate a gateway bind to a FerrumGate network.

Network And Gateway

Network and Gateway

Gateway not joined yet

Gateway Not Joined

  1. Name field

    you can rename your gateway name

  2. Network

    Which network this gateway belongs

Network with attached gateways

 Network with a gateway

Create Gateway

On host terminal

ferrumgate --create-gateway

will ask for a listen port, enter an empty one.