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A service is a mapping to a resource in somewhere, a mysql database, a nfs share in your private network, or elasticsearch in AWS, or a web app in Azure, or redis in Google.

A service binds to a network. When you create a service, service gets a virtual ip from service ip range CIDR that is defined in network definition. Whenever service is not deleted, assigned ip is same.

Service Definition

Service Definition


  • Name

    Give a name, and names must include domain valid characters [a-z][A-Z][0-9][-] like test-map or mysql-dev

  • Host

    Target resource ip or hostname like or private network ip

  • Tcp port or Udp Port or both of them

    Target resource port like if mysql is working 3306, or ssh server is working on 22, - Alias

    This is useful for already used dns resolution, suppose if you have already resolving dev.mysql.server to an ip , with this feature you can resolve to this service.

  • Network

    Binded network

  • Assigned ip

    Until delete this service, this service will use the same assigned ip in your virtual network, you can ping this ip after you connected network over tunnel