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Authentication Sources


From auth0, create a company and an app with below instructions

Create a company

  • Create a company first

create a company

Create an application or use default created one

  • Open application settings

open application settings

Application Settings

  • Fill name
  • Fill application type as Single Page Application
  • Add Allowed CallbackUrls like https://$your_domain/api/auth/saml/auth0/callback (https is important, otherwise it will inform you)


https is important, otherwise it will give warning message when redirecting

fill settings

fill settings

Click Addons

  • Click Addons tabs and click SAML2 WEB APP

click addons

click addons

FerrumGate UI

  • Copy Isser and Login Url
  • Download certificate and copy it's content to FerrumGate UI

ferrumgate ui

Create User

  • Create a test user as below for test

create a test user

Login Url

  • Login url must be your reachable url for clients, and this url will be used for auth0, enter your domain

login url

login url