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Authentication Sources - Google/OAuth2


Authenticate with google, open google console and follow below steps.


  • Create a project with any name


Google may take 5 minutes to a few hours for settings to take effect

Developer google console

Create a project

Select the project

  • Then open project

Select the project

APIs & Services

  • Open APIs & Services

Click APIs and Services

  • Click OAuth consent screen

Define OAuth consent screen

  • Create an External screen

Create an External screen

  • Enter any App name and fill emails then save everthing

Define parameters for external screen


  • Click Credentials link

Open credentials

  • And create a new OAuth client ID

Create new web credential

  • Select Web application

Define a web credential

  • Enter any name, Authorized Javascript origins must be your login url, and Authorized redirect URIs must be $login_url/login/callback/oauth/google

Fill parameters

Fill parameters

Fill parameters

Login Url

  • Login url must be your reachable url for clients, and this url will be used for google oauth, enter your domain

Login Url

Redirect domain