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  • First you need to install a debian 11 and above machine, you can download a debian iso from this link

  • Update apt package index

    apt update --assume-yes
  • Upgrade packages and reboot

    apt upgrade --assume-yes
  • Install curl unzip

    apt install --assume-yes curl unzip
  • Download install script with curl or wget

  curl | sh
  wget -O - | sh

this script will install docker and configure system for startup

ferrumgate --start

or for more

ferrumgate --help

starting will take a little time for the first time, because of downloading docker images, all apps are docker containers, just try

docker ps
docker image ls


  curl | sh
  wget -O - | sh

running new scripts will update system

Custom Version

Save install script, give executable permission and execute with version

 curl  -o 
 chmod +x
./ --version 1.15.0

This is a all in one installation, we installed redis, elastic search and our programs as docker containers. For production use we suggest using external elastic search for a better performance.

After install

open http://installed-machine-ip-or-hostname

open https://installed-machine-ip-or-hostname